Professional Web Presence for Faculty

Do you have a professional web presence?

With increasing frequency, people are looking for, and finding, academic information on the web. A professional web site is one of the best ways to reach your colleagues, coworkers and students with the latest information about your teaching, your research and your service.

Build your professional web presence today.

WCU allows for professional web biography pages for faculty through its WordPress server. Before you create one, you should check with the administrative support staff in your department to see if you are part of one of the schools, colleges, or departments that have converted to the new website. If so, your profile will be generated and managed through the university content management system.

If you need a WordPress bio site, request one through this page. It will have a WCU template so that students and other faculty members will be able to find your relevant information quickly.  Instructions for creating your page and making it public can be found in the tutorial connections on this website.

Request Your Site:
When you are ready to create your professional web presence site, we have a  simple form for you to fill out.