Elizabeth Yale

Assistant Professor, Department of HIstory

Office: McKee 206B

Email: eeyale (at email.wcu.edu)


My research focuses on the history of science and the history of the book, particularly on the ways in which scientists (and the rest of us!) use communications technologies. Do the technologies we use to communicate affect how we think? If so, how? How do mobile phones and computers encourage us to change the way we relate to each other? What other ways–beyond technological determinism–can we think about the role of communications technologies in our lives? In the seventeenth-century context–the one in which most of my research is located–what might a scientist write in a letter versus say in a conversation versus print in a pamphlet? What’s the relationship between the technology used and the kind of knowledge that’s produced? These are just a few of the questions that animate my research.

I teach classes in early modern European history (1492-present), early modern European cultural and intellectual history, the history of science, and the history of communications technologies. These include:

History 151: Turning Points in European History

History 413/513: Europe in the Eighteenth Century