Maurice Phipps, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus, Parks and Recreation Management


Expedition Courses
We recommend doing an extended expedition course through the PRM program, the Wilderness Education Association, the National Outdoor Leadership School, Outward Bound, Landmark Learning, or Base Camp Cullowhee.

Old Cullowhee Canoe Slalom

The slalom is usually in September. It is a citizens’ race and suitable for beginners. To see pictures, please click here.

Group Work
Maurice does work with campus and off campus organizations on group work.  A resource used is The Group Book: Effective Skills for Cooperative Groups which is published by BookLocker.  Detail of this book can be found at:

Kayak Roll Trainer

The Kayak roll trainer is a mechanical device designed to assist with the teaching and learning of the sweep kayak roll. It was developed with the School of Engineering here at WCU.  A video of how this works and be found on Vimeo

Outdoor Instruction and Experiential Education
Maurice works with on-campus and off-campus groups on outdoor instruction and experiential education. He recently co-authored the book Outdoor Instruction: Teaching and Learning Concepts for Outdoor Instructors. Details of this book can be found at

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